dsgn communications


The Graphic Design Faculty of Ferris State University requested a re-brand of the program to resolve the following problems: low student enrollment, lack of social media presence, outdated, non-responsive site, and that the site does not effectively represent the College of Business affiliation.


Our goal was to redefine how people see the Ferris Design Program. When people think design, we want them to think Ferris State University. By creating an experience that is attention grabbing, and shows the day in the life of a graphic design student potential students will be drawn to enroll in the Ferris Graphic Design Program. We must show that the FSU design program produces more than just creative thinkers. We produce students that are keen on user centered design and business strategy.


the news junkie

  • Motivated to follow & like us on social media
  • Want to stay in the know
  • Likes to see cool, fun & new things

the purposeful searcher

  • Needs detailed content: curriculum, design process, project descriptions, & alumni accomplishments
  • Looks for real-world skills
  • Motivated to share about us: word of mouth

the curious browser

  • Just browsing casually
  • Wants to see cool & trendy stuff
  • Needs to see real life things that we do, beyond school life


potential student influencers

To increase enrollment we first began by researching how students decide which university to attend and that all starts with their influences.

parents wants for their children's education

Surveyed: 712 High school parents who’s children are applying for college