johnson & johnson


Consumers have lost faith and trust in the Johnson & Johnson brand because of allegations that talcum powder causes ovarian cancer.


talc talkers

  • I can’t believe this was harming me and they didn’t tell me.
  • Ages 45-80
  • Middle to upper class
  • Goal is to find a safe product that keeps them dry, fresh, and non irritated.
  • Concerned about health and smell
  • Loyal to an extent, will switch products if speculations occur
  • Consider other’s opinions as a guide to make their own decisions
  • Research products before using them

the classics

  • Everything is going to kill me, I’ve been using this since I was fifteen and I’m fine.
  • Ages 45-80
  • Middle Class
  • Goal is to use the product that keeps them dry, fresh, and non irritated.
  • Loyal to what they’ve been using for years, not a fan of change
  • Thinks people overreact about everything
  • Not motivated by trends
  • Stuck in their ways
  • Like the original scent

protective parent

  • We can’t buy that, it’s unsafe. What ingredients are in that?
  • Ages 24-35
  • New to parenthood
  • Health conscious, like all natural ingredients
  • Goal is to find the best and safest products for their baby
  • Want to prevent diaper rash for their baby.
  • Drawn to popular brands
  • Take into account what their peers say
  • Willing to spend a little extra if its safer
  • Love the baby fresh scent
  • Over protective


Johnson & Johnson reports that 70% of their powder is used by adults who often have powerful memories associated with the smell.

final package

For the final packaging I chose a metal container and brought back the pink ribbon that was on all of the old Johnson and Johnson packages. The vintage typography and ornate detail will bring customers back to a time when they trusted the brand. Johnson and Johnson stated that 70% of their customers are adults, this is why I chose to call the product dusting powder rather than baby powder... it's not only for babies.


The micro-site displays the powder packaging through the years to emphasize heritage and generations of consumer products.


A print advertisement with the statement "Styles may change... but our care for you hasn't." will regain trust with customers and reinforce that J&J isn't trying to harm them.