The problem was to develop an application that would help prevent educational inequality.


Sidekick help students who are struggling in school, this application takes the extra effort off of the teachers, and allows students to take control of their learning. Sidekick is the only note taking application to instantly transcribe audio, while accommodating students with various disabilities. The Sidekick application will aid learning, keep students organized, help students stay proactive, and help equalize the ability to learn.

disabled children

  • School's hard, I don't want to go. I'm sick of feeling behind.
  • Students, age 8-22, with access to a smart device.
  • Students that have some sort of disability that hinders their learning.
  • Motivated to do better in school.
  • Expect to improve grades and learn with ease.
  • To get rid of some of the struggles and frustration with school.
  • To be able to customize the application to their personal learning needs.

slow learner

  • Wants to not feel like the "dumb kid" of the class.
  • Tries hard in school but just can't succeed.
  • Wants to give up, feels down about themselves.

hearing impaired

  • Wants to understand whats going on.
  • Wants to hide the sight of their hearing-aids and disability.

visual impaired

  • Wants to be able to enlarge type on the application.
  • Wants to change the colors for their eye sensitivity.


  • Wants to be able to enhance the type, and change the font to be more easily read.
  • Gets confused easily


Once an account is created students select which area they’re struggling in. The application will adjust the default design based on the selected disability.


Students can change their type size, playback speed, typeface, and color based on their personal preference and disability.

preferences continued

The dyslexi typeface is specifically designed to help students with dyslexia.

tools & features

Based on the teachers voice the text will bold when the teacher speaks louder or with a more exciting tone.

capture image

Students can capture images of the board.

image vector

Once images are captured Sidekick converts them into a black and white vector for easier readability.


The search feature will help students easily find a topic in their notes.


In the folders tab students may press and hold a folder to send notes, print notes or delete notes.


The Sidekick application has an accompanying website for students to study their notes on a larger screen at home.