The problem was to design a restaurant experience that considers all senses, while also focusing on innovative technology.

brand vision

To create a interactive restaurant experience that suits the needs of adults as well of their children. A dining experience that has adventurous food and a social environment to provide entertainment.

value proposition

We provide a diverse range of cultural foods within a social environment suitable for family or friends nights, all while providing the latest technology to enhance the experience.

key message

Sociabowl is a delicious, unique culinary experience, where social adventures awaits.

social single

  • Hey lets go out tonight, whats a cool place downtown?
  • Will pay more for a good experience
  • Needs technology to connect with restaurant
  • Likes customized experiences

modern day mom

  • Let’s try something new tonight and invite the Smiths so the kids can hangout!
  • Frustrated by slow, inattentive services
  • Frustrated by poor kids menu choices
  • Has more disposable cash


apple watch notification

Notifications alert individuals by the use of beacons when they’re within a set radius of Sociabowl. Notifications will direct viewers to the restaurant and will integrate social media.


employee uniform

The graphic reminds customers to share their experience with #besociabowl. Staff wear buttons based on their flavor profiles to add personalization, and to evoke conversation.


interactive table

Once a customer sits down their interactive menu will appear in front of them. The interface allows customers to order food, play games, pay their bill and socialize through sharing.

sign in

Customers can sign in as a guest or create an account. Once an account is created customers will be able to see what bowls they've tried, what they rated those bowls, who they've connected with, and can continue previous games.

build your bowl

Customers can drag and drop ingredients to build their perfect bowl.

confirm order

Once customers have completed their bowl they confirm their order.

be sociabowl

At any point customers can select Be Sociabowl to post to the Live Feed Wall.

play a game while you wait

To continue the socializing customers can play interactive games while their food is cooking.

empty bowl sensor

After a bowl is finished the customer will be provided with options to order more food, pay the bill, or choose to hang out and keep socializing.

empty glass sensor

The interactive table will register the weight of the glass and offer a refill to customers. At any point the custoemrs can select the service button next to their drink for their server to come over. Attentive service was an important motivator for the users.

pay your bill

Customers can pay their bill at the table adn offer to pay for another customers as well.

live feed wall

Customers can post to the live feed wall at any point in their Sociabowl interaction. The live feed wall helps customers interact with one another.

connection application

This application allows for guests to connect, save friends, and meet new people.

step 1: search

The Sociabowl application comes with an easy connection feature.

step 2: connections

The application will search for nearby customers.

step 3: pairing

Once you've selected who you want to connect with your profiles will begin pairing.

step 4: new friends

With the pairing complete you now have new friends that you can meet up with again.


Friendly napkins remind customers to socialize, buy a round of drinks, and to use the hash tag. These additional touchpoints add to overall customer experience.



When leaving Sociabowl, visitors are alerted to share their experience through various social media sites.



desktop home

The interface for Sociabowl integrates illustrations and lock ups to represent the fun, friendly tone of Sociabowl.

mobile connect

In the connect tab customers can revisit what bowls they’ve tried and what they liked about them. They can even recommend bowls to their friends. To keep the fun going customers can invite friends to meet up again at Sociabowl.

mobile live feed

The live feed pulls directly from all social media, the #besociabowl hash tag, as well as direct posts from the interactive table. Customers can post their custom bowls to the live feed for other customers to try. The trending bowl will change based on customer reviews and comments.