racquet & fitness center


The Racquet and Fitness Center was re-branded in 2015 by a previous Design Project Center team. This year we were tasked with updating the RQT site, fixing any bugs with the code, and producing environmental graphics that follow the brand standards that were set in 2015.


The vision of the Racquet & Fitness Center is to provide a friendly and social environment that accommodates the tennis and fitness needs of all customers. With the playful colors, encouraging words, and dynamic angles the RQT graphics brighten up the building and motivate customers to push through their workouts.

the curious browser

the newcomer

the efficiency gym goer

  • The Rec is just too crowded, at some points of the day you can’t even find open machines, it’s such a pain.
  • Busy, looks for efficiency in life
  • Likes the less crowded facility
  • Wants the machines they want when they want it
  • Wants to know the facility location and hours

the socializing sally

website maintenance

google analytics

Through the Google analytics and customer research the most frequented pages are the home page and the fitness page. The information that customers are looking for the most often are the hours of the RQT. To satisfy the customers needs the facility hours have been moved to the top of the page.

fresh look

The RQT went through department changes and recently separated from the Tennis Program. To accommodate this separation; pages were adjusted, and content was edited to target the new user group.


art direction

New photos were needed of the employees as well as the site. We hired a photographer and art directed two photo-shoots.

print collateral


Each semester the fitness and tennis classes change along with the calendar of events. I created templates for our client that appear on their site as well as a print for their front desk.

environmental graphics

To brighten up the facility as well as motivate the customers, envioronmental graphics were produced that follow the brand identity built in 2015. We contacted multiple vendors for quote requests, prepared pre-press files, and hung the large vinyl graphics around the facility.